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February 2020

Gibraltar Apex Legends In Apex Legends Gibraltar is the biggest and badest character. Gibraltar has the best Defensive abilities to cover up teammates and himself and kill enemies by saying the defense is the best attack.Gibraltar is the best rescue and protection legend which cover teammates in tough situations. Real Name - Makoa Gibraltar Age - 30 Home World - Solace Gibraltar is already

Lifeline Apex Legends Lifeline Is an only Medic Character In Apex Legends Who can heal their teammates with her abilities. Lifeline is must have a legend in the team who can heal teammates and also have care packages that have weapons and shields.In this Apex Legends lifeline guide, we are going to see lifelines character’s backstory, character overview, Abilities Tips and tricks, Interaction of Abilities with other Legends, and

Bangalore Apex Legends   Bangalore is the conventional trooper class of Apex Legends. Dominate with Tactical, passive and Ultimate Abilities, Bangalore runs quick, shoots well, and is extremely worried about the various pieces of different firearms. She may work like characters from different shooters, however, she’s no less complicated than Apex’s different Legends. There are a lot of mechanics that

Bloodhound Apex Legends In Apex Legends Bloodhound is a recon legend who also called by name of Technological Tracker. bloodhounds abilities are very dominating to use if used correctly.in this article, we will see Apex Legends Bloodhounds backstory, Bloodhounds ability trips and tricks, his interaction with other Legends and much more to know about Cold Blooded killer in Apex Legends.   Real Name