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Mirage Apex Legends A Handsome boy, Holographic expert, and exceptional in fooling enemies with his abilities. In Apex Legends Miraj has all his abilities dedicated to decoys, he fools enemies by his decoys and takes them down by surprize. Real Name - Elliot R. Witt Age - 30 Home World - Solace Miraj comes locked in Apex legends that need in-game currency to

Revenant Apex Legends In Apex Legends Revenant came in Season 4. Revenant Abilities are dominating if used correctly. Death Totem is Ultimate Ability he has which can resurrect him and teammates. All abilities can be used wisely to outperform the enemy.we will be going to see Revenants Biography and its All abilities in Detail. Real Name - Unknown Age - 288 Home World - Solace Revenant  is

Crypto Apex Legends In Apex legends Crypto also known as Surveillance tracker, Crypto’s all abilities are associated with his drone which can be very useful while recon.The drone can fly towards sky and surveillance enemies from there. playing with Crypto is all about using Drone effectively. Real Name - Tae Joon Park Age - 31 Home World - Gaea In Apex legends Crypto is